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Learn about what herbs can do for you and your health. Includes the benefits of herbs and how to use them.

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Learn how you can use essential oils to help support your body and soul, reduce toxins, and encourage healing

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Recipes and remedies for your natural health lifestyle. Includes food, drinks, balms, salves and more!

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Pet Health: Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

Pet Health: Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are a crunchy vegetable that offer a lot of health benefits to humans. But what about man’s best friend? Can dogs eat cucumbers? And are they safe for your furry friend to eat?

The Many Uses and Benefits of Oregano

The Many Uses and Benefits of Oregano

Oregano is more than just a culinary herb. It is a powerful medicinal plant with many health benefits. Do you know the all the uses and benefits of oregano?