I don’t know about you, but cucumbers are one of my favorite vegetables- or is it a fruit? I love to grow them, preserve them, and eat them- but what about drink them?

Infusing water with fresh fruits can help you drink more water and add more nutrients to your body. If you enjoy cucumbers, why not add a few cucumber slices to your water bottle for an extra burst of flavor and nutrition.

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Learn all about the benefits of cucumber water and why you should add this to your daily routine.

(Oh- and if you are looking for cucumber benefits- you know from eating cucumbers- you can read more about the health benefits and nutrition in cucumbers, plus how to store and use fresh cucumbers)


Cucumber Infused Water: Do you need to drink more water? Learn about the benefits of cucumber water and why you should add this drink as part of your day to stay healthy!


The Amazing Benefits of Cucumber Water


#1: Hydration

We all know how important it is to drink water for your health and for your body. We should all be drinking at least 6 to 8 cups of water per day.

But, well, water can get boring sometimes. Adding in the fresh flavor of cucumber to your water will encourage you to drink even more so that you stay hydrated and feel more energetic and healthy.


#2: Detoxification

In addition to keeping you hydrated another benefit of cucumber water is that it will help detoxify your body.

Cucumber water contains the antioxidant benefits of cucumbers that fight free radicals and the natural diuretic nature helps to remove toxins from your body as you drink.

As you drink more cucumber water you will keep your digestive tract moving freely, washing away toxins as it goes.


#3: Skin Health

Cucumbers have been used in skin care products forever- but by drinking cucumber water you can benefit your skin from the inside out!

Of course staying hydrated will play a major part in your skin health but with added cucumber in your water you will provide your body with extra minerals and nutrients that will keep your skin smooth, supple, and blemish free.


#4: Blood Pressure Regulation and Heart Health

Cucumbers contain potassium which helps to regulate your blood pressure.

By drinking cucumber water you will get the benefits of this potassium plus the benefits of staying hydrated which together will help keep your blood pressure in check and reduce the risk of certain debilitating diseases.


cucumber mint water in jar with handle


#5: Supports Brain Health

Cucumber contains a flavonol called fisetin which supports brain health. Studies have shown that consuming cucumbers might even help those with Alzheimer’s!


#6: Low Calories and Promotes Weight Loss

Low calorie and high fiber foods are the best thing to eat when you feel the need to snack.

Cucumbers are both low calorie and contain fiber- making it the perfect addition to your weight loss plan.


#7: Nutrient Rich

Cucumbers are good sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, and Vitamin C, plus Magnesium and Calcium.

Infusing slices of cucumber in your water will add these nutrients into your diet.


#8: Curbs Appetite

Many times we confuse thirst for hunger. Adding cucumber water to your day, especially in between meals will help you feel fuller longer and reduce snacking due to thirst not hunger.


cucumber water with mint


#9: Muscle Health

Cucumber contain silica (the same trace mineral that helps your skin). This silica helps body absorb calcium keeps your muscles strong and healthy.


#10: Anti-Cancer Benefits

Of course no vegetable will will kill cancer cells, but we should all be doing what we can to prevent the disease by eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

All the health benefits and antioxidant properties of cucumber water can play a part in keeping your entire body healthy and disease free.


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#11: Freshens Breath

The cooling nature of cucumbers can help strip heat from the body reducing bad breath along with it.

So wash bad breath away with every sip of your cucumber water!


#12: It’s Delicious!

A final benefit of cucumber infused water is, of course, it tastes great!

Just like cucumbers themselves you will love drinking this fresh drink every day to help you reap all the benefits of cucumber water!


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