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I can help you on the path to food self-sufficiency! Get a copy of my FREE Homegrown Pathway Cheat Sheets to help you get the most out of your garden & food preservation efforts every year!

Your path to food self-sufficiency starts here!

Not sure where to begin when it comes to growing & raising your own food? Get a copy of my FREE Homegrown Pathway Cheat Sheets to help you get started with a plan.

Want to go deeper? Check out my shop to get tools and planners- such as The Gardener’s Blueprint Garden Planning Challenge or the Food Preservation Planner– to help you on your journey.

I know you’re busy. That’s why I’ve created tools and planners to help you tackle your most important jobs and get it all done in the time you have!
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Plan your best garden yet with the Gardener’s Blueprint Garden Planning Mini-Course

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Use companion planting to increase harvest and decrease problems with the Companion Planting Guide & Binder


gardener's blueprint garden planning challenge

With my Goat Management Binder, I can help you raise goats successfully- so you can have fresh milk and homemade cheese!

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Plan and track your preserving efforts with the Food Preservation Planner!

Working toward self-sufficiency can be overwhelming. I can help you get it all under control.

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