We help you take back control of your food, your health, and your life.



Since 2013, The Free Range Life has empowered you to listen to your internal voice and remember that you alone are in charge of your body, your health, your food, and your life. But more than that, we give you actionable steps and tools to make these changes and in turn create a more natural, sustainable, self sufficient life for yourself and your family.



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We know you are busy. That’s why we’ve created tools and planners to help you tackle your most important jobs with efficiency and ease!

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The perfect starting place for anyone ready to take back control of their food source!

We can teach you how to successfully preserve your own food at home from natural, homegrown or local ingredients!

The perfect starting place for anyone wanting to have fresh, homemade dairy at home

We can teach you how to raise goats successfully and provide your family with fresh milk, dairy products, or meat!

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