Companion planting with your cucumbers can help your garden grow better, taste better, and have less problems with pests. So how does companion planting work? What can you grow with your cucumbers and what should be kept far away?

Below you will find a list of cucumber companion plants that you can grow alongside your cucumber to prevent pests and disease. And a list of what you should keep separate from your cucumber bed.

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Vegetable Gardening Ideas: Do you have trouble with growing great cucumbers organically? Learn about which crops make great cucumber companion plants and which ones should be kept far away in the garden.


Cucumber Companion Plants For a Better Cucumber Harvest


Corn: Corn is one of the best companion plants for cucumber. The cucumber benefits from the shade and protects the corn from raccoons who don’t like to wade through the vines. Corn also provides some protection from the virus that causes wilt in cucumbers

Beans: Beans are legumes that help enrich the soil and fix nitrogen making them perfect for growing along with cucumbers.

Peas– Like beans, peas are legumes and help enrich the soil. I like to plant my peas and cucumbers successively so that pea plants are dying out right as the cucumbers are starting to take off.

Lamb’s Quarter: While Lamb’s Quarter is sometimes seen as a weed, it should be allowed to grow in the garden. Not only is it edible (similar to spinach) it helps the growth many crops including cucumbers. Don’t know what lamb’s quarter is? Read this for more info: How to Use and Dry Lamb’ s Quarter

Sunflowers: The tall stalks of sunflowers help shade cucumber plants in the hot summer sun, and their strong stems give the cucumber vines something to grow up!

Dill: Dill is one herb that cucumbers love, making it a perfect companion plant. Dill improves the flavor of the fruit as it matures.


dill and cucumber plants growing together in garden


Other Cucumber Companion Plants to Try:





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cucumber plant climbing up metal fencing


Cucumber Companion Plants for Pest Control


Radishes– Plant a few radishes around the base of the cucumber plant and allow them to grow without harvesting to protect from cucumber beetles.

Tansy– Tansy is another cucumber companion plant that helps repel the striped cucumber beetle.

Nasturtium: Nasturtium can be allowed to grow alongside your cucumber vines and repel a variety of insects that may try and feed on your cucumber plants.

Marigold: Marigolds should be planted throughout your garden since they help with a variety of pests. Marigold is a good cucumber companion plant since it helps to repel cucumber beetles and other beetles that may feed on your cucumber vines.

Pro Gardener Tip: Cucumbers planted in the late summer and fall tend to have less trouble with cucumber beetles and other pests.


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close up of green cucumber hanging on vine 


What Not to Plant with Cucumbers

Potatoes: Cucumbers and potatoes have similar soil needs and will compete for nutrients if grown together. In general cucumbers don’t grow well with potatoes and potatoes can be more likely to be affected by blight when cucumbers are near.

Sage, and other aromatic herbs: The aromatic scents of these herbs can attract pests and they also can affect the taste of the cucumber fruits.

Melons and Squash– Melons and squash are in the same family as cucumbers and have the same feeding needs. Their vines will compete for space in the garden. You cucumber plants could be weakened by diseases and pests shared between the plant family. Don’t plant them together- or rotate them after one another.

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