Growing cucumbers is one of the easiest things to do in small, backyard gardens. Cucumbers are a forgiving crop that is great for beginning gardeners.

Not sure which variety of cucumber to grow? Check out my favorite cucumber varieties and give one of them a try this year!

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Vegetable Gardening Tips: Growing cucumbers is a rewarding experience for any gardener. Learn these 7 tips for growing amazing cucumbers that produce well and taste amazing!


Tips and Tricks to Growing Cucumbers in Your Garden



Direct Sow Cucumber Seeds in the Ground

Cucumbers do best when directly sown in the ground. Wait until all danger of frost has passed before planting your seeds. You can start your seeds indoors if you want to get a jump start on your crops, but you then run the risk of transplant shock.

When growing cucumbers, prepare a well drained location with very fertile soil. Dig in some organic matter at planting time for an extra boost.

Plant your cucumber seeds about 1/2 inch down into the soil.

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Grow Cucumbers in Full Sun

Cucumbers thrive in full sun, so don’t grow them in the shade or in the shade of taller crops. Grow them vertically to get them even more sun exposure!


young cucumber growing on soil


Don’t Crowd Your Cucumber Plants

Space is a must when growing cucumbers! Crowding your plants can cause diseases and your plants will not produce as well.

Cucumber vines are known to sprawl all over the place, so ample space between plants will make harvesting a lot easier!

You can also try growing some bush varieties of cucumber to save on space.


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Grow Cucumbers Vertically on a Trellis

The easiest way to grow cucumbers is to grow them up a trellis. Growing cucumbers vertically not only saves you space but makes harvesting a breeze.

Trellises don’t have to be fancy- twine wrapped between t-posts or a tee-pee made of bamboo poles is enough!

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Take Measures to Prevent the Cucumber Beetle

One of the main problems you will face when growing cucumbers is the cucumber beetle. This little yellow striped beetle can cause a lot of problems in your plants- such as spreading diseases like bacterial wilt.

Taking precautions such as growing disease resistant varieties, mulching, and delayed planting can help you combat this garden pest. Read all about how to control the cucumber beetle naturally to prevent them in your organic garden.

Read my article on the best cucumber companion plants for ideas on what to plant along with your cucumbers to prevent beetles and other pests.



Water Cucumbers Regularly

The main complaint gardeners have when growing cucumber? Bitterness.

The good news is that most cucumber bitterness can be controlled. Bitterness in cucumbers is caused by stress- usually water stress.

Make sure to water deeply at least once a week, even more often in very hot and dry climates. Keeping your cucumbers sufficiently hydrated will help you get amazing tasting cucumbers without a trace of bitterness!


Harvest Cucumbers Early and Often

Want more cucumbers? Harvesting the fruits early and often will encourage the cucumber vines to keep on flowering and producing!

And if you are overrun with cucumbers? Preserve them! Here are 10 delicious ways to preserve cucumbers!


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