Cucumbers are a crunchy vegetable (or are they fruits?) that offer a lot of health benefits to humans. But what about man’s best friend?

Can dogs eat cucumbers? And are they safe?

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But can dogs eat cucumbers? Are cucumbers safe for your pets?


Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?


The short answer- YES, cucumbers are perfectly safe for dogs to eat.

Dogs have omnivore tendencies, which means they are often drawn to eating fruits and vegetables in addition to their proteins.

I know my dogs tend to rummage through out compost heap or have even take a sweet potato out of our storage bucket to gnaw on like a bone.


Should Dogs Eat Cucumbers?


So- cucumbers are safe for your dogs to eat, but does that mean they SHOULD eat cucumbers?

Actually- the answer to that question is also YES.

Cucumbers are low in calories and sodium- much less than your standard dog treats or bone.

They are high in water content- making them great for summer treats to help keep dehydration at bay.

Overall cucumbers make an excellent treat for a dog- especially if your dog is on the heavy side.



How To Feed Your Dogs Cucumbers


There are a couple things to keep in mind when it comes to feeding your dog cucumbers:

1- Introduce new foods gradually

2- Too much of anything is a bad thing

3- Size matters

If your dog has not eaten cucumbers before, start off with just a slice to 2. You don’t want to upset their stomach by giving them too much at once.

And even if your dog eats cucumbers frequently and loves them, be careful not to overdo it. Too much of any one thing can put their digestive system off balance which can cause a lot of problems.

And finally, be sure to keep cucumbers cut in a safe size for your dog. Don’t give them an entire cucumber to chew on, but offer slices or chunks that don’t pose a choking risk.


What if my dog doesn’t like to eat cucumbers?


That’s okay too! Dogs have different tastes and preferences just like people do- your dog may turn his nose up at eating cucumbers and that’s perfectly fine!

Here are a few other dog-safe veggies and fruits to offer your furry friend:




Brussels Sprouts

Green Beans


Cooked Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes


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