Infusing calendula into oil is a great way to transfer some of the healing properties of calendula into oils that can then be uses to make salves, balms, or soaps. Learn how to make your own calendula infused oil!

Calendula is one of my favorite plants to grow.

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Not only is it a great all purpose companion plant for your vegetables, it’s also edible and medicinal.

In fact, it has dozens of benefits for your body and skin (read about all the benefits of calendula!)

One of the best ways to harness all that calendula has to offer is to make calendula infused oil!

It’s an easy process and all you need is your calendula, a jar, and some oil!


how to make calendula infused oil


How to Make Calendula Infused Oil


First, you need to gather your flowers. To do this you can either purchase dried calendula or grow your own.

If you’ve never grown your own, I highly recommend it. Calendula is easy to grow and is pretty self sufficient. Check out How to Grow Calendula for more information on growing your own.

If you have fresh flowers, you’ll need to dry them first before using them to make infused oil. Learn how to dry calendula here.

Fresh petals can cause spoilage and will produce a product with a much shorter shelf life- so don’t skip the drying part!


calendula flowers on dehydrator tray


Here’s the supplies you need for calendula infused oil:

  • Dried calendula flowers
  • A mason jar and lid- size will depend on how much oil you want to make
  • A carrier oil. I like to use olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. You can check out my article on carrier oils for more information on choosing your oil.

That’s it!

Now let’s get started.


dried clalendula in a jar. close up


Start by filling your jar about half way to 3/4 way full with dried calendula flowers.

Then take your chosen oil and fill up the jar the rest of the way. Leave about an inch head space.

Tighten the lid on to your jar and gently shake to mix up the oil and flowers. If there were a lot of air bubbles you might need to top off the jar once it settles.


Now at this point, there are 2 options for infusing your oil.

  • Solar infusion
  • Quick/heat infusion

I prefer to do the solar infusion since it really gives the oil a chance to soak up all of the essence of the herbs. But the quick infusion is quicker- so if you are short on time, that one will work just fine.


top of a jar filled with calendula oil


How to Make Calendula Oil Using the Solar Infusion Method:

This is about as simple as you can get.

Take your jar and set it in a warm, sunny-ish spot. The kitchen is a great spot.

Then everyday, give it a shake.

That’s it. Keep doing that for about 4-6 weeks.

Then strain out the flowers and your calendula infused oil is ready to use!


How to Make Calendula Oil the Quick Way!

If you are short of time, you can make calendula infused oil in a few hours instead of 4-6 weeks.

The key here is to gently heat the oil in your jar to help extract calendula’s properties.

One option is to place your jar of calendula oil in your electric dehydrator and set it at 100-115F for 5-6 hours. Then allow the jar to cool and your oil is ready to use.

Another option is to set the jar in a pan of water or double boiler and heat over very low heat for 2-5 hours. Keep the water in the pan in the 100-140F range the whole time.  Allow the jar to cool, and strain out the flowers.


jar of calendula flower infused in almond oil


How to Store Calendula Infused Oil

Once your infused oil is done, and the flowers are strained out, be sure to label the jar with both the name, oil type, and date made.

Store your oil in a dark, cool spot for up to a year.

Storing in the sun or in a warm location can reduce the shelf life of you oil.


How to Use Calendula Infused Oil

You can use your oil as is, just rubbing it on the skin. Or you can use it to make other products, such as:

I do share recipes for lip balm, calendula cream. lotion bar, and sugar scrub in my guide: Calendula:A Guide on Growing, Using, and Preparing Calendula


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