Do you want to earn money from your homestead? Here are 32 ideas for how exactly you can earn money from home from your small farm to give you some ideas on how to make that happen.

Maybe you are a 1 income family and could use a little supplement to your income. Maybe you are looking to become more self-sufficient and create your own business and career and stop working for someone else.

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A homesteading lifestyle lends itself nicely to work-from-home opportunities. There are a number of ways to continue living and doing what you love and earn an money too.

Here are just some of the ways you can earn money from your homestead:


32 ways to make money from your homestead with collage of fresh eggs, goats, chickens, tomato plants, and flowers


32 Ways to Earn Money from Your Homestead


When it comes to making money on your own from your homestead all it takes is a little creativity. There are numerous ways- from products to services-to create an extra income stream!


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baby goat, bowl of quail eggs and a flock of chickens collage picture


Homestead Products to Market and Sell:


Sell your chickens’ farm fresh eggs. We get $3.50 a dozen here in WNC…you can charge more or less depending on your area.

If you have a rooster, why not sell a few fertilized eggs for hatching!

Got old chickens? Sell them as stewing hens!

Raise and sell broilers.

Raise chickens to laying age and sell them as layers.

Sell the babies! Kids, lambs, calves, chicks. Become a breeder of whatever animals you happen to raise!

Raise and sell meat animals– rabbit, goat, cow, pig. If you raise meat animals for your self, raise a few extra-some for your freezer and a couple to sell.

If you raise sheep, angora goats, alpaca, etc you can sell raw fiber after shearing.

Plant extra in your garden and sell fresh produce at the local market or direct from home. This is one of the easiest ways to make extra money from your farm or homestead.

Start extra seeds in the spring and sell garden transplants for those who don’t start their own.

Collect heirloom seeds at the end of the season, package them up, and sell.

Sell dried herbs for use in things such as teas or salves.

Beekeeping is a satisfying pastime and you can sell honey and other byproducts such as beeswax.

Grow mushroom logs and sell homegrown mushrooms. This can be a big business, especially if you can market your product to local restaurants.

Rent your space- if you have large acreage you can rent it out for pasture, hay, or planting

Raise worms to sell for composting or bait.

Raise fish, such as tilapia or catfish. You can do this in a large indoor tank or greenhouse or in a pond if you have one.


farm fresh eggs sign, milk tote, and eggs, and garden starts for sale


Services to Provide:

Start a CSA. Plant more in your garden and offer a few CSA shares to your community.

Begin a Farm School or offer how-to type classes. Chickens 101? Soap Making? Making Cheese? Whatever you are knowledgeable and passionate about!

Open up a u-pick farm– plant a field of pumpkins, strawberries or a large u-pick garden.

Open up a home-based bakery* and offer catering services for special occasions.

Offer up stud services. Many people who raise animals such as goats, don’t want to keep a buck on hand and are looking for a male to provide stud service.

If you have a large home or land consider opening up a Bed and Breakfast and give your guests the farm experience!

If you have the room, open up a corn maze in the fall. Agritourism is big business!


homemade cookies, salves and earring packaged for sale


Learn more about the number one way we make money from our homestead!


Value-Added Products to Offer:

Make homemade soap. Goat’s milk soap is particularly popular.

Turn your herbs into herbal lotions, creams, or salves

Take your fiber to the next step by cleaning and carding and sell fiber bats

Spin yarn from your fiber animals- lots of people who knit or crochet don’t spin their own yarn. The further you process your product the more customers you can reach.

Knit, crochet or felt your fiber into finished products.

Lots of yard birds have beautiful feathers. If you have peafowl, guineas or even chickens try making feather jewelry or selling the feathers themselves.

Are you a baker? Make homemade cookies, cakes, and breads to sell at the local market*

If you love to preserve use your berry harvest to make homemade jams, jellies, and preserves*

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* Check your local state/county laws concerning home-based bakeries before selling food items as well as check to see if you need any other applicable licenses or permits.