In this article: Learn the answer to the questions Can you eat guinea fowl and can you eat guinea eggs?

Everyone is used to eating chicken and chickens eggs. We’ve even gotten somewhat used to eating duck and duck eggs (find out more about duck eggs!). But there is a big poultry world out there- and chickens aren’t the only bird around.

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Today let’s talk about guinea fowl. A common question surrounding these birds is- Can you eat guinea fowl? and Can you eat guinea eggs?


Can you eat guinea fowl? Can you eat guinea eggs? Yes! Get more information and guinea fowl recipes!


Can You Eat Guinea Fowl? Yes!

Just like other poultry like chickens, ducks, and quail, guinea fowl are completely edible. And can be quite delicious!

Before you start eating guinea lets talk about some of the characteristics that make them different than chickens.

Guineas are a wild bird that we have domesticated- somewhat. But since it is still quite wild guineas are considered game birds which. Their meat tends to be gamey in taste, similar to a pheasant or other wild game bird.

Guinea fowl meat has 50% less fat than chicken and are leaner- giving a 50-50 ratio of meat to bone.

Because of its leanness, the dark meat of the guinea fowl requires more care when cooking so that it doesn’t dry out and become stringy.

Moist cooking methods- like using an Instant Pot- are a great way to cook and prepare the guinea meat, as is using a lot of fat and roasting slow.


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Guinea Fowl Recipes to Try

Here are a couple guinea fowl recipes for you to try out:

Guinea Hen Cassoulet Recipe

Guinea fowl casserole with parsnip and pear

Guinea Fowl with Chestnuts and Bacon

Pot-Roasted Guinea Fowl with Sage, Celery and Blood Orange

Roast supreme of guinea fowl with sherry and grapes


Now, let’s move on to guinea eggs.


Can You Eat Guinea Eggs? Yes!

Guineas are not usually raised commercially for eggs because they do not lay as many or as often as chickens do, but their eggs are totally edible and can be used much like chicken eggs.

Guinea eggs are a bit smaller than chicken eggs- roughly 2 guinea eggs to equal one large egg.

They are light brown with lots of little speckles. Their shells can be quite a bit harder than you might be used to- so don’t be afraid to give them a good whack when cracking!

The yolk to white ratio is also a bit different- with there being slightly more yolk than white.

They are rich and creamy and overall delicious!


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