In this Post: Learn how to make a beautiful wreath for your front door using guinea fowl wing feathers and dried calendula!

A last year we purchased 10 guinea keets from a local breeder. Over the next few months we lost a couple- one to a nervous disorder and a couple due to the fact that they didn’t want to come inside to roost at night, which left them within predators’ reach. If you’ve never seen a guinea up close- they are not the prettiest of birds, though their feathers are very beautiful.

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We no longer have our guineas for many reasons (you can read about those reasons in 5 Reasons NOT to Own Guinea Fowl), but while they were here I managed to collect quite a bit of feathers.

I used the small feathers to make hair clips and earrings, but the wing feathers just kept piling up. So I decided to make a wreath to decorate our front door for the fall!


how to make a guinea feather wreath


How to Make a Guinea Feather Wreath


To make this wreath you will need:

  • A selection of wing feathers
  • Cardboard
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • dried flowers- I used calendula
  • Short length of ribbon for hanging


making a feather wreath


I started by cutting a circle out of cardboard for my form. Then I began gluing the feathers around the form so that they overlapped slightly.

Glue them so that the feathers completely cover the cardboard. When you are done it will look something like this:


guinea feather wreath


Now it’s time to trim up the edges so that it’s a bit cleaner in the center.

I used my dog-nail clippers since they were close at hand, but I am sure any pair of sharp scissors would get the job done. All trimmed up:


guinea feather wreath before flowers


Now it’s time to add the flowers. I used dried calendula since I had a lot on hand and I just love the color of the blooms!

Simply hot glue your dried flowers along the very bottom edge of the feathers.


calendula on a feather wreath


And you are done! I am sure there are a million more embellishments that could be added, but I am simple girl with simple tastes and I prefer to let the pattern on the feathers and the bright yellow of the flowers to shine.

I just added a loop of ribbon on the back for hanging! Here’s the finished project hanging on my front door:


guinea feather wreath


I love it and it cost me virtually nothing, since I only used what I already had one hand. What do you think?