32 Ways to Earn Money from Your Homestead

Maybe you are a 1 income family and could use a little supplement to your income. Maybe you are looking to become more self-sufficient and create your own business and career and stop working for someone else.  A homesteading lifestyle leans itself nicely to...

30 Uses for Calendula

Calendula is a staple in my garden each year. The flowers are beautiful and colorful, plus they help with keeping some garden pests away, so we companion plant with them throughout the entire garden. As I speak I have 5 trays of flower heads drying in my kitchen- plus...

5 Reasons NOT to Own Guinea Fowl

**NOTE: Since the original publication of this article, I have received a lot of comments and heard from many other people who have raised guinea fowl. I would like to add that the 5 reasons I wrote about below are in line with MY experience with guineas. They will...

Chicken Coop Necessities

I love chickens. I love watching them chase each other for treats. I love watching them catch June bugs in the summer. I love what their manure does for my garden. My kids love chickens too. They love their old hens as much as they love the cute, fluffy chicks. But if...

Homemade Homestead Christmas: Potted Herbs

Welcome to the Homemade, Homestead Christmas Series! In this series I will be sharing homemade gift ideas with a homestead flair to give to your family and friends for the holiday! Today I am showing off a simple gift for the gardener or cook in your family- potted...


Space Requirements for Goats

How much space do goats really need? Learn all about the space requirements for goats to give them the best shelter and pasture for healthy and happy lives!

Homemade Goat Electrolytes

Electrolytes can rehydrate your goats when they are sick and get some nutrition back in their bodies. Learn how to make your own goat electrolytes at home!

How to Copper Bolus a Goat

  opper deficiency in goats is very common and can cause all sorts of health problems if left untreated. We live in an area that is pretty deficient in copper amounts in the soil, which means loose minerals aren't enough when it comes to...

Raising Goats 101: All About Bucks in Rut

  When it comes to raising goats the girls get all the glory. After all they are the one having the babies and producing all that milk for your family, but the truth is no babies or milk will be produced without a male goat to help things along. Many small...

B Vitamins and Your Goat’s Health

  B Vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 and B1 (or Thiamine), are extremely important to your goat's health. A healthy goat will produce all the necessary B Vitamins in its rumen and excrete any excess through the urine daily. If your goat is ill, particularly if it...

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