Pallets are all the rage right now, and they are a very useful, free tool to use around the house, farm and yard. A simple search on Pinterest or Google will give you a plethora of ideas on what to make with this free pallet wood. I have one problem with most of these DIY pallet projects though, you have to take the pallet apart!

Now, maybe there is an easier way, but after the one time I tried to take a pallet apart I vowed to never do it again! It wasn’t easy, it took forever and it didn’t look pretty in the end.

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So, while we use pallets all over our homestead, we hardly ever take them apart. So what can you make with a whole pallet? Here are 6 quick and easy pallet projects to get you started.


Easy Pallet Projects: 6 incredibly easy pallet projects for your homestead. Most can be completed in an hour- or even minutes!


6 Quick Pallet Projects… No disassembling required!


1. Make a Pallet Gate.

Pallets actually make quite good gates. At our old house we had one simply wired to a wood gate post. It served us well, with next to no wear and tear for over 2 years. Last year we were fencing in a new pasture for our alpacas and were in need of a gate.

And if you have ever priced metal farm gates you know just how expensive they are! So instead of spending money we grabbed a wooden pallet and placed it over t-post and voila! a new gate!



2. The Pallet Compost Bin

Every homestead needs a compost bin and pallets are the perfect fit. You can make how ever many compartments you need, but I suggest starting with at least 2.

The slats on the pallets are great for aeration while still containing an ever growing pile. Simply make a 3-sided box by screwing 3 wooden pallets together. You can’t get any easier than that!


pallet compost bin


3. Pallet Hay Feeders

Again, if you have every priced a hay feeder/hay rack, you will know that they are another necessary item that is way overpriced. We have made 2 hay feeders that only cost us the cost of the screws.

We use pallets as legs and barrels we got free from a local dairy. We used small pallets and a half-barrel for one and 2 large pallets and a whole barrel with a window cut out for another.

And to be honest, since our shelters are also made from pallets, sometimes I’ll just stuff hay in the pallets themselves!

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4. Pallet Animal Stalls

If you own animals, sometimes you might need to subdivide your barns and shelters to accommodate sick, young or birthing animals. Pallets are just the thing for this!

They are easy to attach together to form walls and easy to more around to make the stall size you need. Our first year kidding we only had 2 baby goats to close up at night, this year we had 6.

It was easy to move our pallet partitions around to make the stall fit the number of animals we had.

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5. The Pallet Tool Organizer

Gardeners have a lot of tools that can take up a lot of space. A pallet secured to a wall can hold all those long handled shovels, hoes, and rakes. They will be out of the way and all in one spot.

You can also attach small hooks to the front of the pallet to hold smaller tools and gloves. How’s that for an easy wood pallet project?


Pallet serves as Garden Tool Store

Photo via Nic Robinson on Flickr


6. A Pallet Garden Trellis

Many pallets have slats that are very far apart and make a wonderful place to grow vining fruits and vegetables. You can simply stake one vertical in the garden or secure 2 pallets together in an A-Frame like they did on earthlytenthomestead.

Not all pallets are created equal- if you are going to use a pallet in the garden you might want to search out one made from untreated wood.

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Source: earthlytenthomestead


Do you use pallets around your home and garden? I would love to hear about any other DIY projects you have used whole pallets with!

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