In this article: Find 13 delicious and refreshing frozen watermelon desserts to try with this favorite summer fruit!

I love watermelon. It’s the most requested fruits of summer from everyone in my family. It is a great hydrating fruit to eat in the summer and satisfies that sweet tooth too!

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We grow lots of different varieties in the garden; yellow watermelons, orange watermelons, classic red, and even giant 50+ lb watermelons. (Learn how to grow watermelon here)

If you are looking for a refreshing summer treat without a ton of added sugar, frozen watermelon desserts are just the thing!

Since watermelons are naturally sweet and hydrating they make the perfect base for these summer time treats!


13 Simple, Refreshing Frozen Watermelon Desserts for a cool summer treat!


13 Refreshing Watermelon Frozen Desserts

Watermelon is one of the most refreshing summer fruits. So what's better than taking a cool fruit and making it cooler!

Below are 13 cool and refreshing frozen watermelon dessert recipes. Popcicles, ice cream, sorbet, and more.

Many are sugar free and rely only on the watermelon's natural sweetness.

Frozen Watermelon Desserts- On a Stick!

This first group of recipes features popsicles!

For most of them you need watermelon, of course, and popsicle molds.

Take a look and find a new favorite!

Frozen Watermelon Desserts- With a Spoon!

Now lets move on to frozen watermelon recipes that use a bowl and spoon instead of a stick.

Below are recipes for watermelon ice cream, sorbet, granita....

Which one will you try?

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