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You don't have to spend money on seed starting containers to grow from seed! Here are 20 frugal and repurposed seed starting containers for you to try!

20 Frugal Seed Starting Containers

If you have a large garden, starting seeds at home can start to look like an expensive venture. Just think of all those peat pots, peat pellets or seed flats you will have to buy! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every year I start over 100 tomato seeds, plus pepper, eggplant, herbs, brassicas, etc. All totaled I probably have close to 500 seedlings inside during the later winter and early spring, and I don’t buy a single pot for them! Gather your seeds, mix up your soil, and extend your imagination and get planting. Here’s a list of 20 items you can repurpose for your seed-starting adventures! Click the links to see how other gardeners used the ideas!


 Recycled Food and Drink Containers

Think of all those containers that come through your house from the grocery store on the way to the recycling. All it takes is a little cleaning out and you are all set to start your seeds. Here are just a few of the food and drink containers you can use for seed starting!

Image: ImaginAcres


Recycled Household Items

Household items that are past their prime are also an easy way to collect seed starting containers. Here are just a few of the items you can use.


Recycled All the Way

Tired of throwing out the toilet paper rolls? Keep some of your recyclables for your gardening efforts!

Photo: Learning and Yearning


Reuse the Food

Food shells and peels make excellent containers for seeds because they are compostable themselves. You can plant them in the ground with the seedling and it will help to give a boost of nutrients!

Photo: Collecting the Moments

So, skip the expensive peat pots and pellets and raid your recycling bin instead! Spend the money you save on more seeds instead!


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