6 Quick and Easy Pallet Projects for the Homestead

6 easy pallet projects

Pallets are all the rage right now, and they are a very useful, free tool to use around the house, farm and yard. A simple search on Pinterest or Google will give you a plethora of ideas on what to make with this free wood. I have one problem with most of these pallet projects though, you have to take the pallet apart! Now, maybe there is an easier way, but after the one time I tried to take a pallet apart I vowed to never do it again! It wasn’t easy, it took forever and it didn’t look pretty in the end. So, while we use pallets all over our homestead, we never take them apart. Ever. So what can you make with a whole pallet? Here are 6 quick and easy pallet projects to get you started.

6 Quick Pallet Projects….

                 No disassembling required!


1. Make a Gate.

Pallets actually make quite good gates. At our old house we had one simply wired to a wood gate post. It served us well, with next to no wear and tear for over 2 years. Last year we were fencing in a new pasture for our alpacas and were in need of a gate. And if you have ever priced metal farm gates you know just how expensive they are! So instead of spending money we grabbed a pallet and placed it over t-post and voila! a new gate!


2. The Compost Bin

Every homestead needs a compost bin and pallets are the perfect fit. You can make how ever many compartments you need, but I suggest starting with at least 2. The slats on the pallets are great for aeration while still containing an ever growing pile. Simply make a 3-sided box by screwing 3 pallets together. You can’t get any easier than that!

pallet compost bin


3. Hay Feeders

Again, if you have every priced a hay feeder/hay rack, you will know that they are another necessary item that is way overpriced. We have made 2 hay feeders that only cost us the cost of the screws. We use pallets as legs and barrels we got free from a local dairy. We used small pallets and a half-barrel for one and 2 large pallets and a whole barrel with a window cut out for another. And to be honest, since our shelters are also made from pallets, sometimes I’ll just stuff hay in the pallets themselves!

4. Animal Stalls

If you own animals, sometimes you might need to subdivide your barns and shelters to accommodate sick, young or birthing animals. Pallets are just the thing for this! They are easy to attach together to form walls and easy to more around to make the stall size you need. Our first year kidding we only had 2 baby goats to close up at night, this year we had 6. It was easy to move our pallet partitions around to make the stall fit the number of animals we had.

pallet animal stall

5. The Tool Organizer

Gardners have a lot of tools that can take up a lot of space. A pallet secured to a wall can hold all those long handled shovels, hoes, and rakes. They will be out of the way and all in one spot. You can also attach small hooks to the front of the pallet to hold smaller tools and gloves.

Pallet serves as Garden Tool Store

Photo via Nic Robinson on Flickr

6. A Garden Trellis

Many pallets have slats that are very far apart and make a wonderful place to grow vining fruits and vegetables. You can simply stake one vertical in the garden or secure 2 pallets together in an A-Frame like they did on earthlytenthomestead. Not all pallets are created equal- if you are going to use a pallet in the garden you might want to search out one made from untreated wood.

Source: earthlytenthomestead

Do you use pallets around your home and garden? I would love to hear about any other projects you have used whole pallets with!

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6 quick and easy pallet projects for the homestead

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33 comments on “6 Quick and Easy Pallet Projects for the Homestead

  1. Wendy says:

    We live on a farm and ofcourse have pallets around. We load our hay on them to keep hay off the ground and air circulating.
    Recently,I decided we needed to think about replacing a gate. Hubby want to keen to make one, so I said ” For heaven’s sake, just see if we have a pallet that’ll fit the space. We have latches and hinges”. That’s exactly what he did. Didn’t take the pallet apart, just stuck hinges abd a bolt on there and bingo!! I love it, the dogs can’t get through to the ‘ No dog area’, and can’t wriggle through.

  2. This is so clever! I would love to make something one day… ~ Renee

  3. Great ideas! Pinned:)

  4. This are awesome projects. Love the Tool Organizer, so easy and effective! Thank you for sharing!

  5. These are great! I’m so fascinated by pallets!

  6. Super cool. I love the tool organizer and the garden trellis. :)

    Life With Lorelai

  7. Fran Ransley says:

    Many good ideas here. Just a word of caution when using pallets to support hay feeders, as jugs for lambing or kidding, or for any other livestock application, be sure that the spaces between the slats of the pallets are narrow enough so that small hooves can’t get stuck between them. Best to set up the pallets with the slats in a vertical position. If a lamb or kid gets a hoof in between the slats, it will be easier to pull back out without injury.

  8. Your creations are great! We made a pallet tool holder and an outdoor pallet table.

  9. Love the trellis and tool organizing ideas. I’ll be using those. We actually used pallets to help build a garden shed and then my husband made a flat bed wagon to pull behind our riding mower.

  10. what a great list! We built a couple of pallet containers to grow potatoes in this year.
    I really love the trellis! I think that might have to be a project for next year!

  11. Annette, The Granny Chick says:

    Love your ideas. Here are some of mine:
    We are going to add a 3-sided sheep shelter for winter. We have free corrugated tin for sides to block winter wind and rain. We, too, store our hay bales on pallets in the hay barn.
    Next, we will build a new greenhouse, a tool rack or 2 and a hay rack/feeder..
    We’ve already built a compost bin and A-frame shelters (2 plastic-covered pallets) for free range chickens to use during daytime rain or to hide from predators. Chickens also enjoy a “playground” of pallet hills and tunnels. Just be sure you can reach in to get hidden eggs.
    We have covered pallets with stapled plastic or landscape fabric, leaned them, filled with good composted soil and planted for 1) an herb garden, 2) a succulent garden, 3) a trailing flower garden.
    My potato barrels are feed sacks supported and protected by pallets.
    Keep those ideas flowing!

  12. I love these ideas . . . I’m bookmarking them for my first projects next spring :)
    Thank you,

  13. Tauna Pierce says:

    Great ideas! Found you on Homesteaders Blog Hop… keep it up!

  14. Abbi says:

    Fun ideas! We made a chicken shed from pallets that we took apart this summer and then we fenced in a chicken run with pallets that we left together. Currently we are working to tear apart enough pallets to use for a wood floor in our house. It is a lot of work but good exercise. I really like the bean trellis idea.

    • kim says:

      Hopefully you are using a reciprocating saw it is so easy that way
      and you get no split wood and every piece is usable

    • LaJuana Dorris says:

      My mom and step dad did that and it came out really beautiful. They rented a floor sander from a big box tool store. You really do want to rent a floor sander and seal it because they got splinters because they didn’t sand it good enough.

  15. I’m loving this blog with all of your gardening tips! I am completely in love with pallets and am looking for ideas to start some projects for next spring. I’m definitely pinning this post and saving your blog for future reference since I want to start a garden. Thanks!

  16. Pallets are so handy. We made our compost bin with them. This is a great list of ideas.
    Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Hop!


  17. alison says:

    I love pallet projects! You’ve used them in great ways!! I’m working on one now for wall art. :)

  18. Janet says:

    This is one of my favorite posts on a blog! I would actually be able to use all of these ideas. thanks so much

  19. […] who buys anything in bulk, or works in manufacturing has a source for pallets. There are a ton of uses for them. When I pick up my coal, I usually get a decent sturdy pallet. I used a few to make some decking […]

  20. tom says:

    I’m using palles to build a 16×20 green house and raised beds currently

    • Jan says:

      I would be interested in knowing the details of how you built your green house and how you used the pallets for raised beds. Please email me with how you did this or where you found the idea!

  21. […] 6 Quick and Easy Pallet Projects for the Homestead […]

  22. […] 6 Quick and Easy Pallet Projects for the Homestead […]

  23. […] 6 Quick and Easy Pallet Projects for the Homestead […]

  24. Ronald Loudermilk says:

    I recently did the research and found a tool called ( pallet paw) I purchased it on ebay for 50.00…it’s a very well built tool and if you can believe it I’m able to break down an entire pallet in under 5 minutes and do it without damaging the wood ..since I picked up the tool I’ve made tables, wishing wells , windmills etc. As stated trying to take a pallet apart is difficult and usually damages the wood beyond repair but with the paw it’s easy work.

  25. stephanie says:

    I used pallets for raised beds as well. Found the idea on pintrest. What I found though, is that you need to add dirt and then wait a month. The dirt settles and there is a lot less in there than you would think. So add some more dirt before planting seeds! I also used pallets for fencing and to build a chicken coop! What a great way to use something that otherwise businesses have to pay to dispose of!

  26. Karen says:

    I needed to build a fence in my back yard and did not want to buy lumber, so I picked up pallets where I could find them and built my fence. The only thing I had to purchase was my 4×4’s. It looks great and is very sturdy.

  27. They would make great fences for animals…….

  28. Rhonda says:

    What a great list of ideas. You are so creative. Thanks for spurring us on with these ideas.
    Rhonda, thefarmerslamp.com

  29. kenny sutton says:

    i read another place they took a sawsall and used a 12 inch blade that it will cut thru wood and nails tried it it works great if you need wood from pallets

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