So you love summer squash? Try out one of these 8 types of summer squash- from bush marrow to zucchini!

Ahh….zucchini. A favorite for most gardeners to both grow- and give away! Zucchini is probably one of the most common types of summer squash- followed by the popular yellow squash.

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But there’s a big summer squash world out there. More than just plain old green zucchini!

When it comes to squash there are a few different types of summer squash and then LOTS of summer squash varieties within those types.

Below are 9 of the most popular summer squashes to both grow and eat!


9 types of summer squash you need in your garden


9 Types of Summer Squash to Add to Your Garden- and Kitchen!


Before we get to the types of summer squash, are you new to gardening? Learn how to grow squash from seed!

Growing both winter squash and summer squash is super easy- and can give you a lot of food!


white bush marrow plant


White Bush Marrow

The white bush marrow is my favorite summer squash to grow. It’s actually often the ONLY summer squash I grow.

It’s very similar to a normal zucchini, but it’s pale green-white and gets wider towards the end.

I find that it has less seeds and a creamier flesh.


caserta summer squash plant in garden


Caserta Zucchini Squash

I love caserta zucchini for their looks- they are slightly club-shaped but have mottled light and dark green striping all over them.

These summer squashes can reach a fairly large size and still be tender- and if you’ve ever had monster zucchini in your garden you will know that’s a plus!

Takes about 60 days to harvest.


black beauty zucchini


Black Beauty Zucchini

If you want an old standby in the garden, the black beauty is it. This is a dark green zucchini that’s fairly quick to harvest taking only 50 days.

Like most summer squash, the black beauty is best harvested young and is great for baking with or frying.


yellow zucchini plant


Golden Zucchini Squash

Sometimes you just want a little color in the garden right? Golden zucchinis are a bright yellow summer squash with the same creamy interior that you probably already love about zucchini.

The fruits are straight and smooth and just beautiful!



Yellow Squash

Another standby- the yellow summer squash. It can be found in either a straight or crookneck variety.

To be honest, I don’t care for the texture of yellow summer squash as much as I do zucchini and marrow, but no summer squash list would be complete without this listing.

Takes about 50 days from planting to harvest.


white scallop summer squash


Scallop Squash

Scallop- or pattypan squash- are small almost saucer shaped summer squash with scalloped edges.

Compared to zucchini they have a lot more seeds- which makes them not as well suited for sauteing or grating, but they are perfect for baking- and stuffing!

Scallop squash comes in lots of varieties- yellow, white, green, and striped to name a few.

We loved growing the Patisson Strie Melange Squash and the Gelber Englischer Custard Squash, both scalloped squash varieties from Baker Creek Seeds.


Zephyr Squash

Zephyr squash is a hybrid between yellow crook neck, delicata, and yellow acorn squash.

It’s very recognizable with its slender fruits that start yellow and end in a pale green.

This is a heavy producing summer squash and will give you tons of squash from just one plant.

50-55 days to maturity.


round zucchini growing on a plant in the garden


Round Zucchini

Round zucchinis are just like the straight squash- but round like an 8 ball! They make great seller at farmers markets!

These small round squashes are perfect for hollowing out and stuffing!


Zucchino Rampicante Squash


Zucchino Rampicante Squash

This is a new summer squash variety we started growing recently. It can be a winter squash or a summer squash depending on when you pick it.

It is very very tender and mild with a sweet flavor.

Its long, curved fruits make this variety a great seller at farmers markets!


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