In this Post: Learn how to create beautiful potted herbs to give as gifts this Christmas!
I am a gardener and I am also the cook of the family, and in the dead of winter there is nothing better than seeing something green and growing in my kitchen window! Herbs are one of the best suited plants for indoor growing, all you need is a nice sunny window and you are good to go.

Learn how to create beautiful potted herbs to give as gifts this Christmas!

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How to Give Potted Herbs for a Christmas Gift


Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Basil, Lavender- all of these are great choices for potted herbs. All except basil are perennials which will grow year after year and all can be transplanted to the garden once spring arrives.

Rosemary is nice because it roots quite easily from cuttings- so you can get your gift directly from your own herb garden.


potted herbs for christmas


I like to plant my herbs in small terra cotta pots- I like the simple beauty of them and they are easily decorated and customized to your tastes. You can decorate your pots in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Have your children paint the pots as a gift for their grandparents
  • Use ribbon or raffia to secure a gift tag or label to the pots
  • Stencil an oval or rectangle onto the pot using chalkboard paint and label it’s contents in chalk
  • Wrap the pot in tissue paper and secure with ribbon


If you are painting your pot you will want to do that before potting your herbs. But when you are ready, fill the pot with nice organic potting soil and transplant your herbs- or if you are starting this early you can plant seeds. Make sure to do this a few weeks before you plan on giving your gifts so that the plant has time to strengthen and recover from any transplant shock that might occur.


potted herbs for christmas


Label your plant- using chalk, paint, stickers, a paper tag, or whatever you please. You can create a gift set of Italian herbs, medicinal herbs, or other favorites or combine them in a basket with some homemade spice mixes or teas.

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