BoSe is a supplement given to goats to treat selenium and prevent deficiency. Learn the correct BoSe dosage for goats plus how to give the supplement correctly.

Selenium is an essential trace nutrient that is present in the soil. In goats, this mineral is responsible for brain and thyroid health, muscle development and reproductive health.

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Because this nutrient is available in the soil, goats kept in smaller pastures and fed mostly hay are at a higher risk for selenium deficiency. Learn more about this on: How to Diagnose Selenium Deficiency.

Much of the United States is deficient in selenium, and in turn many goats need extra support to keep them from getting deficient themselves. 

(Not sure if you live in a deficient area? Check out this map to see if you are.)

One of the best ways to treat selenium issues in goats is with a medication called BoSe.


bose dosage for goats for selenium deficiency


Uses for BoSe in Goats


Bo-Se is a supplement containing both Selenium and Vitamin E. It is used:

  • To treat selenium deficiency
  • To prevent selenium deficiency
  • To treat white muscle disease in kids
  • To correct reproductive problems associated with deficiency
  • To correct issues with weak kids due to deficiency


BoSe Dosage for Goats and Kids


First, BoSe is available through a prescription only. This means you must get it from a licensed veterinarian.

BoSe is on my list of must-have supplements and I recommend you keep it on hand at all times just in case, especially if you live in a deficient area. 

It is easy to overdose with selenium, so be sure to dose your goats and kids correctly for their weight. 


The BoSe dosage for goats is as follows:

Adults: 2.5 cc/ 100 lbs 

Kids: .5 cc (miniature breeds .25 cc)


How to Give BoSe

BoSe is given by injection. To give BoSe to an adult goat you will need the following:

  • BoSe supplement (Rx)
  • A livestock scale or goat weight tape
  • A syringe
  • An 18-20 gauge needle


First, get an accurate weight on your goat. You don’t want to overdose, so don’t skip this step.

BoSe is injected subcutaneously. This means you will pull up the skin into a tent and inject BoSe under the skin,  holding the needle parallel to the body. 

If you are giving BoSe to a goat kid, there is only one dose, regardless of weight. Pull the correct amount out of the bottle and inject subcutaneously as stated above. 


bose dosage for goats


When to Give BoSe to Goats


BoSe can be used to either treat or prevent selenium deficiency in goats. How often you need to dose will depend on your area and how deficient your soil and your food sources are. 

Here are some of the times you may need to dose your goats with BoSe:


At the start of breeding season. This will prevent any reproductive issues such as poor conception rates, miscarriage, abortion, or stillbirth.

4 weeks (30 days) prior to kidding. This will help prevent kids from being born weak or deficient in selenium. Many goat breeders give BoSe at the same time they give the annual CD&T booster (Enterotoxemia + Tetanus Toxoid)

To kids at birth. If you have a kid showing signs of white muscle disease such as walking on the ankles, poor sucking reflex, or trouble standing.


Again, when and how you dose your goats with BoSe will depend on your area and your herd. 


Alternatives to BoSe

If you are in a pinch and can’t get to a Vet to obtain BoSe for your goats you can also use a Selenium/Vitamin E Gel

This gel isn’t as effective and it doesn’t work as quickly, especially for deficient kids, but it is a viable alternative when you don’t have access to BoSe. 


Tired of looking up your goat dosages? The Busy Homesteader’s Goat Management Binder has a cheat sheet of dosages for wormers, antibiotics, supplements, and other medications.

It also includes a full set of Goat Record Sheets so you can keep track of when you give your goats supplements like BoSe and a calendar to write down when they should be dosed again. 


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