Is it breeding season for your cow(s)? Make sure you know your cow’s due date by using this cattle gestation calculator so you can be prepared for calving this year!

If you own cattle, or are planning to own them soon, having a gestation calculator by your side can be hugely beneficial in helping you plan.

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Knowing when and how many calves will arrive helps you as you make decisions about things like purchasing feed ahead of time and finding the best resources for healthcare assistance.

But if you don’t know what the gestation period for cattle is or how to calculate due dates correctly – no worries. This cattle gestation calculator does the work for you!


Before we get started let me give one important reminder:


This means both breeding dates and due dates.

Seriously. Write it down, even if you aren’t sure the breeding took. Even if you think you’ll remember. Just go ahead and write it down. Now.


How to Use the Cattle Gestation Calculator

Using the cattle gestation calculator is super easy- all you need to have is the date your cow was bred!

Input this date and hit calculate and you are done!


cattle gestation calculator


Cattle Gestation Calculator

The following cattle gestation calculator will help you quickly and easily calculate your cow’s due date.

It is based on the average cattle gestation period of 283 days.

Just enter your breeding date below and hit calculate to find out when your cow is due!

Cattle Gestation Calculator

Cattle Gestation Calculator

Date Exposed:

Calf Due Date:

Remember that this is an estimated due date for your cow. The average length of pregnancy is 283 days, but the range is 279-292 days. Make sure you gather all of your supplies and prepare for calfing before this estimated due date.

Also note that certain things affect the gestation period length, such:

  • Breed
  • Sex of calf (bull calves tend to take longer)
  • Number of calves
  • Diet


cow licking calf


Now That You Have a Due Date- Now What?

So now that you have figured out your cow’s due date, now what do you do?

First, write down the due date. If you have a homestead binder or herd management binder, that’s the perfect place to record this information. That way you won’t forget it and end up waiting and wondering when the calf will arrive and ultimately end up scrambling when they arrive unannounced.

You should also make sure your pregnant cow(s) are getting optimum nutrition.

Pay attention to her body condition and make sure she is not too fat or too thin. Make sure she has access to fresh water, hay, grass, and is fed the optimal diet. 


cow licking new calf


Preparing for Calving

As your cow’s due date gets nearer, you need to be prepared.

This means gathering all of your supplies.

Checking on your cow often and watching for signs of calving.

You should also keep an eye out for certain pregnancy related illnesses such as Toxemia or Hypocalcemia.