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General Supplies:

Hoof Trimmers

Mineral Feeder

Drenching Gun

Feed Bucket

Hook-over Feed Bucket

Vet Wrap Bandages

Udder Butter

Goat Collar

Goat Weight Tape

Elastrator and Bands

Bolus Gun

Health Supplies:

Nutridrench Supplement

Copper Bolus


Blood Stop Powder

Ivermectin DeWormer

Red Cell Iron Supplement

Activated Charcoal


Selenium Paste

Probios Probiotics

Fortified Vitamin B Complex

Bite Me! Herbal Goat Treats

BiteMe! Herbal Goat Treats

Loose Minerals


Milking and Kidding Supplies:

Pritchard Nipple

Kid Colostrum

Puppy Pads

Mastitis Test Cards

Milk Strainer

Goat Hobble

Milk Filters

Stainless Steel Milk Pail

Mason Jar Lids

Half Gallon Mason Jars

Books on Raising Goats: