What Do Ducks Eat? Your Complete Guide to Feeding Ducks

Ducks are omnivores who love to eat insects, grass, seeds, worms, and greens  to give them a balanced diet to keep them healthy and strong.

First. Ducks LOVE to forage. And they will eat a lot!

What kinds of forage will ducks eat?

- Insects - Worms - Weeds/Grass - Berries - Fish/Eggs

- Layer Pellets - Sunflower Seeds - Cracked Corn - Birdseed - Whole Grains

Feed and Seeds for Ducks

- Meal Worms - Fruits and Veggies - Eggs - Brewer’s Yeast

Treats and Extras for Ducks

The most important thing to remember when feeding ducks is to make sure they have a lot of fresh water available at all times.

How to Feed Ducks

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