Vertical Gardening: How to Grow Up in Your Garden

Is your garden space limited? Learn how to plant a vertical garden to improve your crops and save on space!

Grow up! With vertical gardening the sky is the limit, literally! So gather your bamboo, your tomato cages, your twine and let’s grow UP!

The Best Crops for Vertical Gardening

- Peas of any sort - Pole beans - Cucumbers - Winter and Summer Squash

- Bamboo Poles - Fencing Panels - Other Crops - Twine

Here are a couple of my favorite supports in the vertical garden.

Crops like cucumbers and squash do have tendrils that will grab onto a trellis, but because of the weight of the vines and fruit, you might need to tie up the stems as they grow.

Tips for Successful Vertical Gardening

1. Choose your crop. 2. Choose a suitable support for that crop. 3. Prune, train, or tie the crop to the support as needed.

How to Get Started Planting a Vertical Garden

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