Ultimate Guide to Garden Spacing

When planting your garden spacing can be one of the hardest things to put into action.

But plant spacing in the garden is very important and how much room you do- or don’t- give your plants can mean the difference between an okay garden and a great one!

So let’s explore why garden spacing is so important, what it means, and I’ll even give you a handy vegetable plant spacing chart to help you keep it all straight!

What Does Spacing Mean?

The space between each PLANT. AND The space between each ROW.

Why is Garden Spacing Important?

- Prevent Disease - Room for Roots and Growth - Ease of Harvest

How to Increase Space in the Garden

Vertical Growing

First up is growing vertically. Using things like stakes, trellises, and fencing can help you maximize your space by using the vertical space instead of the horizontal space.

Double Rows

If you have a traditional row garden, try planting double rows instead of single. Plant 2 rows of the same crop close together with a larger space between each double rows.

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