Top 9 Essential Oils for Emotions and Stress

There are different degrees of emotional stress- all of which can cause unrest to the person experiencing the stress.

Here is a list of my favorite essential oils to use in times of emotional stress, and a little bit about each one and how they might help you.


Breathing in lavender can help racing minds and help you fall asleep more quickly. It is also said to bring calm, relaxation, and stress relief.


I use it for specific health conditions, but I also place a drop in my diffuser necklace before going to the dentist (a major stress for me!) and it helps to keep my anxiety at bay.

This oil can help support anyone with anxiety or depressive disorders.

Clary Sage

These scents can reach the part of the brain that controls your mood and basic emotions. This is said to release endorphins, increase focus, and improve your mood.


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