The Ultimate Guide to Breeding Goats

Are you ready to breed your goats? Learn all you need to know about breeding goats to help you keep your goats healthy and breed successfully!

Goats will breed easily and readily if left alone, but here are some of the most important things to be aware of when it comes to breeding goats.

When Is Goat Breeding Season

Most “Alpine” breeds of goat will only breed during their breeding season. This is usually between the months of August and December.

Most of your standard sized dairy goats will need to make the weight of about 80 lbs before they are bred.

How Old/Big Should a Goat Be Before Breeding

A doe’s heat cycle is every 18-21 days.

How Often Do Goats Go Into Heat?

When you are planning your breeding keep in mind that the gestation period is 145-155 days.

What is the Gestation Period for a Goat?

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