The Most Common Seed Starting Problems

Seedlings are a little like kids, don’t you think? They curl out of their tiny womb and depend on your for all of their needs. Then all of a sudden they are these tall, gangly things trying to stretch their roots, fighting you on every turn.

There may not be a parenting road map to help you with tall, gangly teenagers, but I can help you with your tall, leggy seedlings- and a few of the other common indoor seed starting problems you might come across while tending your seeds from sprout to outside.

Here are 4 common seed starting problems- and how to fix them! So you can grow more for your garden from seed, with less problems!

My seeds never germinate!

Germination problems can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some of the most common are: - Incorrect Temperature - Old Seeds - Incorrect Watering

My seeds sprout and then die!

It can be prevented by using these seed starting practices: - Do not over water. - Do not overcrowd. - Start with clean soil.

It all started off good, but my seedlings just aren’t getting very big!

Here are some of the common reasons for stunted growth in your seedlings: - Incorrect temperature - Nutrient deficiencies - Overwatering

My seedlings are tall, thin, and leggy!

Here are a couple of ways to reduce the tall, leggy appearance of your seedlings: - Rotate your trays. - Take advantage of warm, sunny days.

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