The Best Asparagus Companion Plants

Asparagus differs from many vegetables grown in the garden because it is a perennial. This means that you plant it once and it come back year after year.

Companion planting is more than just repelling pests in the garden- it’s a way of planning and planting your garden so that everything works together to prevent pests, build soil, increase yields, reduce weeds, save space and more!

Learn the best asparagus companion plants to get a better harvest with fewer pests and healthier plants!

The Best Asparagus Companions for a Better Harvest

Dill Strawberries Lettuce Spinach

Asparagus Companion Plants for Pest Control

Tomatoes Eggplant Basil Calendula

What NOT to Plant with Asparagus

Garlic Potatoes Onion Carrots

Essential Oils to Pair with Asparagus in the Garden

Basil Oil Neem Oil Parsley Oil

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