9 Signs Your Goat is in Labor (Or Will Be Soon!)

Waiting for a goat to kid can be almost as stressful as waiting for your own baby to be born! It’s a waiting game- looking for every little signs that tells you today is the day.

A goat’s gestation period is 150 days- sometimes they can go a bit early and sometimes late, but anything from 145-155 days should be okay.

Here are 9 of the signs that can tell your that your goat is in labor.

About 4-6 weeks before kidding you should start to see growth in your does udder as it slowly fills in preparation of kidding.

A Full, Tight Udder

As the kids drop lower into the birth canal they will put pressure on the goat’s rear end causing it to swell and open slightly.

Swollen Vulva

Like with the sunken sides and prominent hip bones, the tail will change as labor gets closer. It will become a bit crooked in appearance- almost hooked.

Crooked Tail

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