Preserving Peppers: 9 Ways to Preserve Peppers At Home

Find out the best methods for preserving peppers from your vegetable garden.

9 Ways to Preserve Peppers At Home

Freezing pepper is my favorite way to preserve peppers from my garden. It’s quick, simple, and no fuss.

Freezing Peppers

Preserving peppers by dehydrating is another easy way to preserve your pepper harvest.

Dehydrating Peppers

Pepper jelly is a common way to preserve peppers. This is a sweet jelly, but not exactly a peanut butter and jelly sandwich kind of jelly.

Pepper Jelly

Pickling relies on the acidity in white vinegar to do most of the preserving, so even low acid foods such as peppers can be canned using a boiling water bath canner.

Pickled Peppers

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