The Best Potato Companion Plants

Companion planting with your potatoes can help your plants grow better, taste better, and have less problems with pests.

Potatoes are a member of the nightshade family. Other nightshades include tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. Keep reading to learn what to plant with potatoes- and what not to!

Companion planting has a lot of benefit including improved flavor and better growth. It’s important to plant crops that don’t compete for nutrients and also complement each other.


Growing corn with potatoes improves the flavor of potatoes, making them great companions!

Bush Beans

Bush Beans are a great crop to grow with potatoes to deter the Colorado potato beetle. Plus, potatoes help with bean beetles as well!


Planting herbs such as basil, chamomile, yarrow, parsley, and thyme will improve the flavor of your potatoes. They will also attract beneficial insects to your garden to help with pest control and pollination.


Potatoes are a little more picky when it comes to good companions. Not only can many plants have negative effects on the growth and development of the potato tubers, but potatoes can have negative effects on the other plants as well.

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