How to Raise Coturnix Quail on Your Small Homestead

Are you interested in learning how to raise coturnix quail? These little birds are great for small homesteads and they’re easy to raise!

If you are thinking about adding quail to your homestead, here are the basics of how to care for quail- from hatching to adulthood.

Caring for Quail Chicks

Their needs are similar to chickens in that they need a brooder box, heat lamp, water and food.

What to Feed Coturnix Quail

Feed your quail a high protein, unmedicated game bird feed.

If you are raising your quail for eggs, coturnix quail should come into maturity and start laying by about 8 weeks. They will then lay about an egg a day for life.

Egg Laying

By 3 or 4 weeks you should notice feather color differences in your quail. This feather color difference is the easiest way to sex your quail.

How to Sex Your Quail

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