How to Prevent Worms in Your Goats Naturally (With Herbs)

Are parasites or worms a problem in your goat herd?

Learn how to prevent worms in your goats naturally using herbs!

When it comes to prevention of parasites in my goat herd, herbs are my first line of defense.

How to Prevent Parasites in Your Goats Naturally

Wormwood Oregano

Herbs that Can Help Prevent Herbs in Goats

– Sage – Thyme – Mullein – Cloves – Rosemary

Other herbs that can help with parasites are:

- Bite Me Squirmy Wormy Bites - Molly’s Herbals Herbal Worming Powder - Land of Havilah Parasite Formula

Pre-Packaged Herbal Dewormers for Goats

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