How to Grow Spinach from Seed in Your Vegetable Garden

Spinach is a cool weather crop that can be planted 4-6 weeks before your last frost in the spring, or earlier under certain conditions.

Spinach is easily grown from seed, but transplanting can be tough on spinach seedling so direct sowing is recommended.

How Far Apart to Plant Spinach

Spinach seeds should be planted ½ to 1 inch deep, and about 2 inches apart.

There aren’t too many problems when it comes to spinach. But you may see leaf miners, flea beetles, or downy mildew.  Bolting is the biggest issue when growing spinach.

Spinach Pests & Diseases

Want a longer spinach harvest? Try succession planting! To extend your season, make successive plantings of spinach every 1-2 weeks all spring long.

Extend Your Spinach Harvest

Spinach can be harvested whenever it is the size you prefer- usually by 40-50 days. Spinach leaves are more tender and flavorful when they are small and larger leaves tend to be tough and bitter.

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