How to Grow Radishes in Your Fall Garden

Radishes are a great vegetable for beginners- you literally can’t go wrong with them.

They are great for children- radish seeds are big enough for them to plant easily and they are just so much fun to harvest!

When (and How) to Plant Radishes

Radishes are a cool weather crop. Warm weather will cause them to bolt- or go to seed. This makes them perfect for the fall garden!

- Early Scarlet Globe - Cherry Belle - French Breakfast - White Icicle - Black Spanish - Watermelon

Radish Varieties to Grow

Radishes need sun, so when choosing a place to plant your radish seeds choose a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun (preferably more) per day.

Tips for Growing the Best Radishes

Many varieties are ready to harvest in as little as 22 days. 4-5 weeks is a good estimate for when you will be harvesting most types of radishes.

When to Harvest Radishes

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