How to Grow Cabbage from Seed

Cabbage is a member of the brassica family- just like broccoli and cauliflower. It’s a cool weather crop that thrives in early spring, fall, and even winter in some areas.

Cabbage is packed with vitamins and full of antioxidants- making it a great addition to any garden.

Learn how to grow cabbage from seed for fresh cabbage all season long!

Cabbage Varieties to Try

Here are some cabbage varieties to try: Early Jersey Wakefield Sweet and Tender from Johnny’s Seeds Brunswick

When to Plant Cabbage

Cabbage needs a lot of time and space to grow, so it’s best to start your seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the last spring frost.

Where to Plant Cabbage

For optimal growth and yields, cabbage should be planted in an area that gets direct sunlight for at least 6-8 hours each day.

How to Start Cabbage Seeds Inside

To start cabbage from seed, fill seed containers or trays with a quality seed starting medium. Sow seeds about ¼ inch deep and cover lightly with soil.

Planting Cabbage in the Garden

Cabbage plants should be spaced 12-24 inches apart. Remember the closer the plants, the smaller the heads of cabbage will be.

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