How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are a great way to elevate your gardening game.

And while some crops (ie. vining winter squashes) might do better on the ground, raised beds are perfect for root crops, greens, and high feeders.

Here is How to Fill Raised Garden Beds (and Save Money on Soil!)

Layer 1: Cardboard (free)

When filling your raised beds, the first layer should be cardboard. This acts as a weed barrier- but one that will break down and decompose over time.

Layer 2: Logs & Sticks (free- minimal cost)

The second layer of your raised bed garden is logs. This layer can be up to 40%-50 of the height of your bed.

Layer 3: Green & Brown Matter (free- minimal)

This layer can be made up of any combination of the following: Grass clippings Chopped leaves Straw

Layer 4: Compost & Manure

Next up you need a layer of compost. This can be purchased from your local mulch yard or, if you have access, use some of the options: Well rotted compost from your personal compost pile. Well rotted animal manure. Well rotten leaf mold.

Layer 5: Soil

And, finally, you need soil. And you’ll likely need to pay for soil unless you have lots just laying around for some reason.

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