How to Dry Kale (3 Different Ways!)

Kale is one of the easiest vegetables to dehydrate. It needs almost no prep work and dries very quickly.

Learn how to dry kale using these simple methods!

To dry kale, start by washing and thoroughly drying your kale leaves. Lay the leaves on your dehydrator trays in a single layer.

How to Dry Kale in a Dehydrator

The key to dehydrating kale in the oven is to use the lowest temperature possible (or 125 degrees Fahrenheit, if yours goes that low).

How to Dehydrate Kale in Your Oven

To air dry kale, tie together bunches of 3-4 stems. Hand the stems in a place where there is good air flow and low humidity.

How to Air Dry Kale

Once your kale is completely dry, place it in an air tight, glass container.

How to Store Dry Kale

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