Growing Spinach in the Garden: From Seed to Harvest

Spinach probably doesn’t get as much notice as other cool weather crops like lettuce or cabbage, but it is actually one of the more hardy vegetables that is perfectly suited for year round gardening.

Spinach is a rewarding, easy to grow, vegetable that is great for gardeners of all levels.

Learn all about growing spinach in your backyard garden- including how to start from seed and when to harvest!

3 basic types of spinach

- Flat-Leafed Spinach - Savoy Spinach - Semi-Savoy Spinach

Growing Spinach from Seed

Spinach is easily grown from seed, and can be started early indoors and planted out in early spring 4-6 weeks before last frost.

Tips to Growing the Best Spinach

Keep your young seedlings and spinach plants well watered. Water will help them grow better and also keep the soil cooler.

Growing Spinach in Pots

Since spinach doesn’t take up a lot of room it grows great in containers. Try using a long window box type planter since spinach has shallow roots and doesn’t need a really deep planter.

When to Harvest Spinach

Spinach can be harvested whenever it is the size you prefer- usually by 40-50 days.

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