Grow the Best Carrots in Your Garden This Year!

Ready to try growing root vegetables? Learn how to grow carrots from seed in your vegetable garden!

Carrots are a cool weather crop, which means in most growing zones they are suited for spring and fall growing. If you live in a warmer climate you may be able to grow carrots all winter long!

Carrots take an average of about 75 days to reach maturity, so you can continue to sow seeds throughout the spring for a continuous harvest.

When and Where to Plant carrots

Carrot seeds should be planted about 3-5 weeks before you last frost date.    Carrot seeds do germinate slowly in cooler weather, so be patient while you wait for them to sprout! It may take 2 weeks or more to see seedlings sprout up!

Starting carrots from Seed

Carrots are best grown from seed and they should be sowed directly in the ground. Carrot seeds do not like to be transplanted so it’s best to put them in their permanent bed right from the start.

preparing your carrot bed

Carrots need loose, fluffy soil to thrive. Either till your garden at least 12 inches deep, or create a raised bed that is at least 12 inches deep for your carrots.

planting carrot seeds

Carrot seeds are very small, which makes spacing difficult. To plant carrots use one of these methods: * Scattering * Seed Tape * Small Seed Planting Tool * Hand Laid Rows

Harvesting carrots

Carrots are ready almost anytime after about 2 months. Look for tops that are at least ½ inch wide- don’t harvest any smaller than that.  It’s also best to harvest before the heat of the summer, since heat can cause carrots to get fibrous.

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