Grow the Best Basil Ever This Year!

Growing basil is super easy, and it keeps on producing all season long- giving you plenty to eat and preserve!

Keep reading for tips on how to grow the best basil ever this year- with a plentiful harvest all season long!

Basil is an easy plant to grow from seed, and it’s best to start it indoors about 6-8 weeks before your last frost date. This gives it enough time to get established before transplanting.

How to Grow Basil (from Seed!)

*Pinch off the growing tips (the top 2 sets of tiny leaves)   * Prune (and harvest) your basil regularly

How to get bushy basil plants

- Prune your basil plants regularly, once a month at least. - Cut off the top 2/3rds of the basil plant. -Pinch off any flowers or buds you see on your plants.

How to Prune basil

Try these varieties this year! - Genovese Basil - Corsican Basil - Siam Queen Basil - Lemon Basil

Branch out from Sweet Basil!

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