How to Grow Lettuce from Seed in Your Fall Garden

Lettuce is a great, easy to grow crop for the fall garden. It’s suitable for almost all areas, and can be easily grown from seed.

There are different methods you can use, but this guide will show you the best way to start and grow lettuce seeds at home.

The biggest thing to remember when planting lettuce is that the seeds need light to germinate.

Planting Lettuce Seeds

How Far Apart to Plant Lettuce

Head lettuce will need a final spacing of about 8-10 inches per head.

As your lettuce seedling are growing, you will need to make sure the soil is kept evenly moist at all times.

How to Water Lettuce

Lettuce is best harvested when it is still young and tender. The flavor will be much more mild and sweet, and not at all bitter.

How and When to Harvest Lettuce

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