Gardening Supplies You Can Get for Free

Gardening certainly can be an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you want to grow your own food without spending an arm and leg on supplies there are many gardening supplies you can get very cheaply or even for free.

It takes some time to search out some of these alternative and it might take more advance planning, but if you want your garden to save you even more money give some of my suggestions a try and see how free gardening can be!


Fall leaves can be saved to use for mulch in the summer or used for a fall mulch. If your neighbors or friends rake and bag their leaves ask if you can take them off their hands.


Make your own! You can do this a couple ways. You can start a compost pile in your backyard. You can dig holes directly in your garden area and dump the days compost in and cover it up.


Save seeds from the organic produce you already buy. You can save seeds from most anything you buy from the grocery store- melons, squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.

Plant Starts

Barter with your gardening friends. If you have a friend who starts their own seeds see if they would be willing to make a deal with you- offer up a service from you in exchange for the started plants.

Seed starting containers

Use your recyclables! Yogurt cups and containers make great planters, as do milk cartons or cut-off jugs.

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