Gardening for Beginners: 11 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a beginning gardener ready to plant your first garden this year?

Here are 11 gardening mistakes commonly made by beginners- so you can avoid them and grow a better garden!

Over Watering

Remember too much water can make for sick plants- it puts them at risk for fungal infections or rot.

You should know your soil type and what it lacks- so sending off a soil sample to your local extension agent can be a great start.

Not Amending the Soil

Before you ever start a garden you need to have some basic knowledge of your growing zone, your last frost date, and the preferences of garden crops.

Planting Too Early

Your gardening zone is very important. It helps you understand your climate and what can and can’t grow during the different seasons in your zone.

Choosing the Wrong Plants

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