Do Peas Need a Trellis?

If you’re growing peas in your garden, you may be wondering do peas need a trellis? The answer is yes- even when the packet says no!

Peas are a vining crop that puts out tendrils that will cling and climb as they grow.

There are many different types of peas- snow peas, shell peas, and sugar snap peas, to name a few. And within those types there are tons of different cultivars and varieties.

What is Trellising

Trellising is a technique used in gardening and farming to support plants as they grow.

Why Do Peas Need a Trellis?

Peas are vines that climb and put out tendrils that wind around supports as they grow.

Trellis Ideas for Peas


You can also purchase netting to attach to posts instead of string. You can use flexible netting or something like chicken wire.


If you have extra fencing or panels lying around, they can make the perfect trellis for growing peas up!

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