Crops You Can Grow in Containers on Your Deck or Balcony!

Do you want to grow your own food, but don’t have any land? Try container gardening!

First, what is container gardening? It’s exactly as it sounds. Gardening that takes place entirely in containers or pots.

Here are 21 different crops you can grow in containers so you can garden no matter where you live!


Lettuce is a simple crop to start from seed and it doesn’t need a lot of space.That makes it perfectly set up to grow in pots.


Radishes are super easy to grow from seed and really quick to harvest. They are small plants without a large root system that make them perfect for planting in pots.


Tomatoes grow well in pots. One plant can give you enough for fresh eating all summer and maybe some to preserve as well!


Yes, cucumbers! You wouldn’t think that you can grow cucumbers in a container but you can!


Beans are a quick and easy crop to grow and do very well in containers.

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