Best Flowers for Your Vegetable Garden

Adding flowers to your vegetable garden has a lot of perks.

Really, you can plant any flowers you wish in your vegetable garden.

All flowers will attract pollinators in some way, but here are 11 of my favorite flowers for the garden.


Calendula, which I actually consider more of an herb than a flower, is a sunny, yellow or orange, daisy-like flower. It makes a great companion plant for almost all crops in your garden.


Nasturtium is a vining flower that has a strong scent and peppery flavored leaves. It can be a great trap crop for aphids. And it has repellent qualities for other pests including squash bugs, potato beetles, and other beetles.


Marigolds have been recommended by gardeners for decades. It’s been long touted as a catch all for deterring all sorts of pests.


Sunflowers are a wonderful addition to any vegetable garden. They attract tons of pollinators. You can use them as a living trellis to grow pole beans or other climbing crops up.

Flowering Sage

I plant it near eggplant and peppers to help with flea beetles and around brassicas to help with the cabbage butterfly.

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