A Quick Start Guide to Raising Ducks

Are you interested in raising ducks on your homestead?

Here’s how to raise ducks- from ducklings- successfully!

How to Get Started Raising Ducks

The easiest way to get started is to head to your local feed store in the spring and purchase yourself a few ducklings- at least 2, just like most animals ducklings do not like to be alone!

You need to have a nice brooder area for your ducklings.

This includes: – A heat source – Bedding – Food – Water

Like, chickens ducks need a safe place and shelter from wind and rain.

How to Care for Your Ducks

Your hens will start laying eggs at about 20 weeks of age. Like many other poultry, proper nutrition, low stress, and light can affect a duck’s laying.

Raising Ducks for Eggs

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