6 Ways Preserve Green Beans from Your Garden

Green beans are a great garden crop that can give you a big harvest in a small space and short period of time.

Learn all the ways you can preserve green beans to save your harvest for winter use!

If you want to preserve plain green beans by canning, you have to pressure can them.They can’t be canned on their own using a water bath canner.

Pressure Canning Green Beans

Photo Credit: www.amodernhomestead.com

Dilly beans are probably one of the most common ways to preserve green beans by pickling.

Pickling (Water Bath Canning) Green Beans

Freezing is actually my preferred way of preserving green beans. It’s no mess, no fuss and so easy!

Freezing Green Beans

Freeze drying allows you to preserve beans that retain most of their nutritional value and lasts much longer than any other preservation  method- up to 25 years in some cases.

Freeze Drying Green Beans

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