6 Fencing Mistakes That Cost You Time and Money

Fencing is a big job- make sure you aren’t making any of these fencing mistakes before you build your fence to save yourself some time and money!

Sometimes it seems like a never ending job, so in order to save yourself some time and money- check out these 6 fencing mistakes.

Placing Gates in the Wrong Location

Before you start any fencing project make sure you have thought out exactly where you need your gates, what they will be used for, and if everything will work as they are supposed to.

Incorrectly Spaced Posts

You don’t want to spend your free time fixing a fence you just put up because the goat knocked it down again. So if your fence needs posts every 8 feet, then put them every 8 feet.

If you don’t secure them to the ground and support them with braces or other anchors you will slowly see you fence start to cave in.

Unsecured Anchor/Corner Posts

So make some calls before you plan your fence. Make sure you won’t be cutting off your neighborhood’s utilities. Make sure you know where your own septic system is.

Not Checking for Underground Utilities

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