5 Tips for Starting Seeds Successfully Indoors

When you have a large garden, starting you own seeds is the only cost effective way to go!

Starting seeds isn’t always easy. You may come across problems along the way, but if you follow these tips you’ll be off to a great start!

Use the Right Temperature

Though plants have different temperature needs, most seeds require an average soil temperature of about 75 degrees F to germinate.

Poor germination rates are often a result of incorrect planting depth. This is because if you plant the seed too deeply it will run out of energy before it reaches sunlight to make more.

Pay Attention to Planting Depth

Water is one of the most important part of starting seeds. Too much leads to disease, mold or fungus and too little will lead to….dead plants.

Consistent Water

Most seeds do not require direct light to germinate, but once they sprout they will need about 14-16 hours of light per day.

Give Ample Light

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